Emitter Team

Our great team, and endless hard work is what makes everything happen.

Tom Marechal

Tom Marechal is a real all-rounder. He never loses sight of the big picture; he makes sure the team works towards a clear goal and has the right focus. Tom has master degrees in Mechanical Engineering and in Artificial Intelligence and has a Lean Six Sigma black belt diploma. Tom started his career as an IT consultant, but made the switch to Bosch where he now works as Supply Chain Process Manager. At night and on weekends Tom transforms into one of the driving forces behind Emitter, highly motivated to turn Emitter into a success story.

Roman Atachiants, Ph.D

Roman Atachiants has a passion for software and engineering. With an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, masters in Artificial Intelligence and a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction he has a unique perspective on building software: combining technical challenges with state-of-the-art academic work. Prior to Emitter, Roman was a Lead Software Architect in several successful startups and small companies, along with larger corporations such as IBM Research and CERN.

Florimond Husquinet

When he was 5, his grand-mother took him to an exhibition about automatons. From there he knew he wouldn't grow up to become a firefighter but work with machines instead. He then spent his teenage years in his bedroom coding with QBasic on DOS. He is mostly self-taught, self-learner, self-starter, with a passion for exploration and science in general.